Gillian Anderson, star of the hit Netflix show Sex Education, revealed she is done wearing bras because they are “too uncomfortable.”

“I don’t wear a bra anymore. I can’t wear a bra. I’m sorry,” she said in an Instagram Live on Monday. “I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button. I’m not wearing a bra, it’s just too … uncomfortable.”

Several women who’ve also stopped using the undergarment expressed their support.

“I never wear a bra and I get a lot of distasteful comments about it, so knowing [Anderson] doesn’t wear a bra anymore is an information most pleasing to me!” wrote a fan.

“If [two-time] Golden Globe and [Emmy] winning actress says no more bras, who are we to disagree,” wrote another fan.

Though Anderson has said she’s done with the X-Files for good, she recently reunited with costar David Duchovny.

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