The Crown’s Emma Corrin wore an interesting fashion choice for her first Emmy Awards.

Corrin’s was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In a Drama Series for her role as Princess Diana in season four of the show. She walked the London red carpet at the SoHo House in an outfit that looked to be inspired by The Crucible.

Cotton, who was styled by Harry Lambert, was wearing a yellow-beige Miu Miu long, strapless dress. Her arms were accessorized with matching arm-length gloves that were fingerless. The tips of Corrin’s fingers were decorated with sharp, long, onyx nails similar to talons from an animal. To complete the look, Corrin wore a bonnet matching their dress, although it resembled more of an old swim cap. Corrin’s makeup, done by artist Florrie White, was soft compared to her drastic nails. She wore gold eyeshadow on her lips and a petal pink lip, giving Corrin’s face a soft look.

Corrin’s outfit for the night was debated by fans and news outlets to determine if it was a “hit or miss.” The Daily Mail UK deemed it, a miss.

Corrin on the other hand seemed delighted with their outfit and posted a slideshow of their look of Instagram, calling the ensemble “Crucible Realness” showing her long nails up close.


Corrin’s castmates, Gillian Anderson, Peter Morgan, Claire Foy and others won awards for their nominated categories. The list includes Supporting Actress for a Drama Series, Directing for a Drama Series, Best Guest Actress and several others.

Netflix had more than 30 nominations award night, showing how their T.V. series and movies are dominating the industry.

Cotton wrote on her Instagram the emotions she felt last night after their show was dominating the award ceremony.

“To be with you all and to celebrate everything we have achieved was so special,” wrote Corrin.

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