Seth Rogen appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night where he dressed in drag with Zac Efron to participated in Jimmy Fallon’s ongoing late night sketch “ew!”

In the series, Fallon dresses in drag as teenager Sara – braces included. Sara usually invites her “bestie,” played by one of Fallon’s guests, to join her on the show. Previous participants include Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan, Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama.

Seth Rogen And Zac Efron As Teenage Girls

Rogen was the “bestie” co-host Tuesday night. Dressed in purple tights and a crazy curly wig, Rogen played Allison, who arrived on “ew!” holding a Starbucks Frappuccino. Efron made a surprise appearance in the sketch as Brittany, a friend who showed up uninvited. Efron wore a big, ruffled dress and a long black haired wig. Efron and Rogen, who star together in the upcoming comedy Neighbors, wore matching necklaces with gold lettering. Rogen’s read “Maybe” and Efron’s read “Never.” The trio of ‘girls’ took selfies together and then discussed things they thought were “ew!”

The sketch ended with a few digs at Rogen’s longtime friend, James Franco, and his recent scandal involving texts to a 17-year-old girl. In the “ew” speed round, the three girls declared Franco as “ew!” before each receiving a text from the actor himself.

During his interview with Fallon, Rogen revealed that the his part as Allison was, indeed, the first time he had ever worn a dress, adding, “I loved it!”

Efron, too, seemed excited to participate in the sketch. The young heartthrob shared a few behind the scenes photos of himself in hair and makeup with his Twitter followers.

Seth Rogen On 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

The two men were quick to praise Efron and his good looks, declaring him a much better looking woman than either of them.

“Thank god Zac was in that because he’s a pretty good looking woman,” Fallon joked.

“He’s better looking than some of the women I have actually been with,” Rogen responded, earning laughter from the crowd.

Aside from gossiping about Efron, Fallon and Rogen talked about Rogen’s new film, Neighbors, coming to theaters on Friday. In the film, Rogen plays a young husband and new father who gets in a prank war with Efron, the fraternity guy next door.

Efron will appear as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night.

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