A security guard shot and killed a man at a Denver protest last weekend, and has now been charged with second degree murder. Upon investigation it has been found that the shooter, Matthew Dolloff, did not have a license to work as a security guard in Denver.

A “Patriot Rally” protest and a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” counterprotest had been winding down at the time of the shooting. Lee Keltner, one of the “Patriot Muster” protesters and 49-year-old U.S. Navy veteran, had joined in on a fight with Dolloff and two other younger men, one 27-years-old and one 25. During the fight, Keltner smacked Dolloff in the head, and began to mace Dolloff as he pulled out a handgun and killed Keltner.

In the above video, the two other fighting men are shown as another protester tries to break it up, and in the background, Keltner maces Dolloff before being shot.

An attorney for Dolloff’s family, Doug Richards, has claimed Dolloff was acting in self-defense after watching Keltner reach into his shirt, but Keltner was unarmed and photos taken of the scene show that that was untrue.

Because Keltner had been an advocate for police and was against the Black Lives Matter movement, some people accused Dolloff of being part of “Antifa,” but Richards argued that Dolloff was not acting in light of his personal politics, and instead was simply doing his job. The Denver Police Department tweeted similarly.

Dolloff had been hired to protect reporters for TV station 9News through the Pinkerton Security company. 9News said that they had instructed all their security to be unarmed, and that they were not aware that Dolloff had gone against this request.

Another Denver news station, KMGH-TV, reported that it had previously also hired Dolloff via Pinkerton, and that he had worked security at the station’s recent U.S. Senate debate.

In a statement, Pinkerton said that they are cooperating with law enforcement’s investigation, and apologized for the incident, but also added that Dolloff is not an employee of theirs.

Charges against Dolloff are being filed today, and he faces a mandatory sentence of 16 to 48 years in prison if convicted.

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