Scotland voted against becoming an independent country on Thursday and will remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Scotland To Stay In U.K.

After weeks of debate leading up to the historic referendum vote, the people of Scotland have decided not to split away from the U.K., which includes England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The vote breakdown was 55% against independence and 45% for independence, reported CNN.

Upon learning of the results, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron expressed his approval of the results of the vote, saying from 10 Downing Street, “Like millions of other people, I am delighted.”

Though the majority of Scottish voters at the ballot box voted to stay in the U.K., there were a considerable number that wanted to break away. While Cameron is pleased that so many people wanted to remain in the U.K., he believes that the voices of the discontented should be heard as well, vowing to “change [the way the people are governed] for the better.”

Westminster had promised in the days leading up to the vote to allow Scotland to determine matters of tax, spending and social welfare for itself. However, in order to put those promises into action, the changes will have to go through Parliament. England, Wales and Northern Ireland are all destined to receive greater powers as well.

Roughly 85% of the Scottish electorate turned out to vote on the referendum. And, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, who was impressed by the high voter turnout, accepted defeat and called on those who voted for him to also accept the decision of the people.

Like Cameron, President Barack Obama and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen were happy to find out that the U.K. would remain united.

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