‘Empire’ star Taraji P. Henson hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, which featured Mumford & Sons as the musical guest.

Hillary Clinton Cold Open

Kate McKinnon reprised her new role as Hillary Clinton in a behind-the-scenes spoof of the politican. “Hillary Clinton is a granny with a twinkle in her eye,” she said in a bit of self talk. “Hillary Clinton is a granny who bakes apple pie. First female president. Me Me Me Me Me Me.” Recording her message to the nation, she commanded, “Citizens, you will elect me. I will be your leader.” As an extra bit, Darrell Hammond came out to reprise his 90s era SNL Bill Clinton.

Taraji P. Henson Opening Monologue

“After 20 years in show business, white people finally know who I am,” Henson said in her opening monologue that continued into a song titled, “I Made It.” Throughout the musical number, the actress said that although it’s taken her a couple of decades to achieve mainstream success, it could’ve been worse: she could have been an extra in The Lion King, wearing toucan feathers or stripping for a buck.

Depend Legends

In the faux adult diaper ad, Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayer play a married couple trying to get an older relative to put them on. But, as soon as they point out Clark Gable, Mickey Mantle, Jack Paar, Victor Borge and other legends are featured on the leak-proof drawers, there are no more arguments.

Teacher Trial

Pete Davidson played a 16-year-old student hot for Cecily Strong‘s teacher. When Henson, as the lawyer, asked him how long the affair went on for, he says, “Five glorious weeks.” When asked to identify the teacher he says, “She’s right over there, looking all fine.” Asked to recall if he was called any names at school because of the illicit affair, he lists off a number of them, including, my man, my hero, lil pimp, goodyear pimp, teacher’s petter and more. Describing his general experience since people find out, he said, “I’d describe as the end of the movie Rudy, and I was Rudy.”

Home 2 Sneak Peak

In the Home 2 preview, Taran Killiam did Jim Parsons, while Sasheer Zamata  did Rihanna. As for the new faces, they included, Kendrick Lamar (Jay Pharoah),  Missy Elliot (Leslie Jones), Nicki Minaj (Henson), Sophia Vergara (Strong), Rick Ross (Kenan Thompson) and Die Antwood (Davidson and McKinnon).


Henson and McKinnon played QVC hosts trying to sell a 3-way poncho. When Aidy Bryant comes out to model it, the promotional short all goes wrong.

Game Of Thrones

Boys in the Hood director John Singleton provides a new realm in Game of Thrones called South Centros that stars Ice Cube (Thompson) as a patriarch. Michael Che‘s leader, talking to his son (Pharoah) says that their people need to stop “killing each other for high top sandals.” Nikolaj Costar Waldau makes a cameo on horseback and later says, “Don’t hate the slayer, hate the game.”

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che tackled the week’s hot topics and Cecilia Giminez (McKinnon) returned to weigh in on the Lucille Ball statue followed by Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy explaining passover with his father (Billy Crystal).

Hollywood Game Night

“Men’s Warehouse is right, I do love the way I look,” says Jane Lynch (McKinnon) at the start of the show. Vin Diesel (Killam), Wynona Judd (Bryant), Common (Pharoah), Nick Offerman (Bennett), Marion Cotillard (Strong) – “In France I am a seven, in America, how do you say, I’m 300,” – and Wanda Sykes (Henson) all compete.

How 2 Dance with Janelle

Sasheer Zamata reprised her Janelle character in the sketch, announcing that she’s going with Kyle Mooney to prom as a joke. Henson comes in as her mother. Her brother, Michael (Pharoah), is upset because his friends would rather watch her dance than hang out with him. Henson gives her some dancing tips.

Sesame Street

“Cookie is being a real monster on Sesame Street,” starts the promo for the kids show. In the fake spot, Henson makes fun of Bert’s stuttering, comes in between Snuffy and Big Bird, devours one of Cookie Monster’s cookie and makes a fur coat out of Elmo.

Their Own League

Kenan Thompson hosts a throwback film series and presents a clip from A League of Their Own. Killam plays Tom Hanks who screams at Bayer’s baseball player as she cries. “Women can play baseball,” the girls all cheer in solidarity. However, when Henson shows up, they just stare at her. “We already have the women thing. We don’t want to complicate it,” they tell her.

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons performed “Believe” and “The Wolf.”

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