Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with Fast and Furious actor Dwayne Johnson hosting and George Ezra as the musical guest.

Cold Open

In the oval office, President Barack Obama (Jay Pharoah) invited Sen. Cotton (Kyle Mooney), Speaker Boehner (Taran Killam) and Sen. Cruz (Bobby Moynihan) into the Oval Office to confront them about going behind his back and undermining his authority. Slowly, the typically calm, cool and collected Obama begins to lose his temper and becomes The Rock Obama (Johnson). As Michelle Obama, Sashir Zamata turns into Leslie Jones when someone mentions there’s a vagrant hiding out in her garden.

Opening Monologue

Johnson revealed during his opening monologue that it was the fourth time he’s hosted the show. Making a crack at his propensity to appear in franchises, he then launched into a song titled “Franchise Viagra.” In the song, Johnson talked about how he’d join existing franchises like Toy Story and Batman – and how he could help the box office halls of Oscar nominees Boyhood and The Theory of Everything with a sequel starring him.


Mocking Starbucks’ Racetogether campaign, Saturday Night Live’s Genderflect sketch featured Pep Boys employees engaging in conversations about gender with their customers.  The sketch provided lines such as, “But me personally, I could never cut off my d–k,” “He gets to say that’s gay!” and “If i had both [parts], I’d be doing myself all day long!”

WWE Fight Promo

Johnson and Moynihan played two WWE personalities promoting an upcoming match. Killlam, as the promoter, encouraged the two to spar with some trash talk in the promo video they’re taping. Johnson’s wrestler got increasingly personal with his trash talk instead of focusing on what they’re going to do inside the ring. Having hired a private investigators to look into his opponent, he revealed a herpes diagnosis, an affinity for Family Guy porn featuring dog Brian and a long lost child.

Live Action Bambi

The Fast and Furious cast starred in a live action adaptation of Disney’s Bambi. Johnson played the titular deer, saying, “When I was a boy, they took away my mother. Now it’s time for them to pay… deerly.” Vin Diesel (Killam) is Thumper, Tyreese (Jay Pharoah) is Flower and Michelle Rodriguez (Cecily Strong) is Faline. Together they confronted the hunters with guns blazing. At the end of the trailer, Ludicrus (Pharoah) rapped his song from the film, “Wham Bam Bambi.”

Reunion Double Date

Johnson played a sketchy Italian wannabe gangster in the double date sketch in which Strong played his British girlfriend in want of some “nibbles.” Trying to show off his girlfriend to the straight couple played by Vanessa Bayer and Kenan Thompson, he revealed that his girl is a singer who has a song out called “Bananas,” which sounded remarkably like something off a Lily Allen album.

Escape From Jungle Island

In the jungle, Johnson played an explorer with a young, nerdy assistant (Pete Davidson) and a fellow explorer with a repressed attraction to him (Kate McKinnon). When Davidson got shot in the neck by a poisoned dark, Johnson sucked it out, making McKinnon jealous. Johnson then got hit in the nipple, so Davidson, returning the favor, sucked his nipple to get the poison out, also making McKinnon jealous. When both of them got shot between the legs, McKinnon believed it was her turn to “help out.” Instead of accepting her offer, Davidson cartwheeled into Johnson’s arms and they suck the poison out of each other.


At a frat party, one of the frat brothers (Beck Bennett) is flipped up for a keg stand and inadvertently revealed to the party that he’s quickly going bald. One of the frat brothers who’s also been battling early balding (Mooney) gave him Brogain in the faux ad spot. Among the contributing factors to the baldness hitting bros is stress caused by, among other things, “you chanted the n-word in a viral video.”

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che tackled the governor of Indiana, Hillary Clinton’s email server, DEA agents’ sex parties, George Zimmerman blaming Obama, American Apparel ads, King Richard III’s reinterment, and Starbucks’ Racetogether campaign during their update segment. McKinnon returned as Olya Povlatsky – revealing that the most popular funeral song in Russia is Etta James’ “At Last'” – and Kenan Thompson returned as Willy.

Cooking With Paul

Thompson starred as Chef Paul, a three-time convicted sex offender who still manages to have a cooking show. His sidekick/probation officer Mitch (Johnson) hung out during the taping to make sure he stays in line. Multiple times he had to reprimand Paul for getting on his computer to check out some chat rooms while waiting for things to be done. “I’m just looking at Master Chef Jr.,” Paul said innocently.


Robert Durst Improv

What started out looking like a sketch poking fun at improv quickly took a turn to the more sinister when Robert Durst (McKinnon) took the stage to give the group some inspiration for their sketch. “My names is Robert Durst. I’m from Scarsdale. I have black eyes,” said McKinnon in a perfect impersonation. “I don’t know, I’m a psycho.” After Jeanine Pirro (Strong) stood up to make a statement, McKinnon’s Durst hisses, “Ahh… she’s gonna die.”


In Interrogation, a suspect (Killam) was being interrogated by Johnson and Bayer’s detectives. While Bayer was seriously going after the mob underling, Johnson tried to be equally tough, but ended up making references to Rent, The Wizard of Oz and The Cheesecake Factory. He also shared his feeling that his partner’s boyfriend Jeff is the coolest, and that lyrics from the Friends theme song would get his suspect to talk.

George Ezra

George Ezra sang “Budapest” and “Blame It On Me.”

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