Saturday Night Live’s third episode of season four featured SNL alum Bill Hader as the host and Irish singer-songwriter Hozier as the musical guest.

Cold Open

Kim Jong Un (Bobby Moynihan) slams the rumors of him having diabetes and gout from eating too much cheese in this week's cold open. He’s limping around, suffering from a broken ankle, but tap dances to prove that he’s the picture of health and then cries until he gets a juice box. Addressing his critics, he asks,"How could I be out of touch when I have the same haircut as Brad Pitt in the movie Fury?"

Opening Monologue

Hader, providing some back story, reveals that he was discovered by Megan Mullally when he was an assistant for Iron Chef America and moonlighting in a comedy show. He was then joined by his Skeleton Twins costar and fellow SNL alum Kristen Wiig, who helped him sing his first song on the Saturday Night Live stage – a Kristen Wiig original in which he was accompanied by Harvey Fierstein.

Virginity Pledge

Hader then plays an octogenarian field reporter named Herb that’s at a high school questioning students about taking a virginity pledge. Hitting a student played by Pete Davidson in the face repeatedly with his microphone, Herb asks if his satchel is a diaper bag and teases the young anchor played by Taran Killam about being “smooth down there” and makes some offensive comments to his Latina coworker (Cecily Strong).

The Group Hopper Trailer

Beck Bennett, Pete Davidson, Sasheer Zamata and Kyle Mooney star in a trailer for a new dystopian teen film called The Group Hopper in which their grouped into the foodies, the emotionals and Gryffindors. In addition to the staple categories, there’s a chosen one, an Efie Trinket-esque leader, and a love story. “You’re the chosen one and I’m a virgin pregnant with your baby,” says Zamata to Davidson. “The Group Hopper. Put him in a group and he’ll hop his ass right out,” goes the tagline.

Hollywood Game Night

Hollywood Game Night featured Kate McKinnon playing the show’s host Jane Lynch aka “America’s No. 2 lesbian,” who is “here to keep Ellen on her toes.” Filling up the two celebrity teams were Sophia Vergara (Strong) Cristoph Waltz (Killam ), Morgan Freeman (Jay Pharoah), Nick Offerman (Bennett) Al Pacino (Hader) and Kathy Lee Gifford (Wiig).

Hunger In Africa Commercial

Charles Daniels (Hader) films a commercial about helping to curb poverty in Africa by donating just $.39 a day. One of the villagers advises him to ask for more money. “Why can’t it be the price of a can of Arizona iced tea,” asks another villager. Things get real when they ask Daniels what country he’s in and he says Africa. The reaction? “Send 200 if you want to save this white man.”

Jan Hooks

Jan Hooks was remembered with the “Love is a Dream” sketch with Phil Hartman.


Hozier performed “Take Me To Church”

Weekend Update

Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Micahel Che made reference to Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai – "A Pakastani teenager can change the world while American teenagers 'can’t even'" – and Ebola – "Not even ebola would go to Laguardia." Che also made a long joke about how gay men in the U.S. who never wanted to get married will soon not have the "it's not legal" excuse anymore. Also, Stefon returned, as did Pete Davidson as a hip hop fan.

Cat in the Hat

Bill Hader plays the Cat in the Hat, who is in love with Linda (Strong), and was summoned by Linda’s kids (Davidson and Aidy Bryant). The Cat wants to know where the kids’ father is, but still pacifies them with some poems and tricks. As it turns out, the Cat is Bryant’s dad and Thing 2 is Linda’s husband, who knows about the affair.

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