Professional wrestler and actress Sasha Banks is reportedly done with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Wrestling reporter Dave Meltz spoke about the situation on Wrestler Observer Radio.

“Okay, there’s a lot to this one,” Meltz started. “I had talked with WWE about it and they basically had nothing to say as far as the situation. Obviously, we’d talked about this before. They [WWE] had been talking to both of them, but they had been talking to her [Banks] about a return and they were very far apart on money.”


He continued, “That was the last that I had heard…. What she was asking for was a very high number for a WWE woman wrestler, but if you look at the amount of money that WWE takes in, she would still be underpaid. Everyone from Roman Reigns to Brock Lesnar is underpaid… That was the last that I had heard. Now, her contract was set to expire at the end of the year. However, as we’ve seen with so many people, they could freeze the deal.”

Tensions aside, Banks is still slated to make an appearance at the Wrestle Kingdom 17 Tokyo Dome event in January 2023.

“She is going to the show, she will be on the show, she will not be wrestling on the show,” Meltz clarified. “She has dates booked with NJPW. In her deal, which I believe is not signed, she could still sign with WWE and this could all fall apart, but she has pretty much agreed to their terms. As far as they’re [NJPW] concerned, they have a deal.”

The wrestling journalist noted, “She is going to be making appearances for NJPW in 2023. Barring a last-minute change and her backing out on what she has agreed to, she’s not going back to WWE, but you cannot always rule that out.”

“That’s where it kind of all stands….but as of right now, she’s done with WWE. Like I said, it could change at any moment,” Meltz finished.

Banks has not yet publicly confirmed or denied that she is parting ways with WWE.

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