Sarah Palin may soon be following in Paris Hilton‘s footsteps. Mark Burnett, the reality TV show producer of Survivor and The Apprentice, is teaming up with the former vice presidential candidate to create a docu-drama about her home state of Alaska.

The show will be somewhat like Planet Earth yet will focus more on the geography and history of the state. Palin’s role in the project is still undecided. Palin visited L.A. last week, and she and Burnett pitched the series to Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC during her trip.

ABC has already passed, saying the show is not the right fit for the network. But Palin and Burnett have many other options. Though Palin’s family might play a part in the show at certain times, the main focus of the show will be the state not Palin. “It will not be focus on the Palin family. Alaska is going to be the star. It will be more Planet Earth than the Obsournes Go North,” a senior aide to Palin told Politico. –NATASHA ALLOWAY

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