Sarah Palin reportedly attacked science educator Bill Nye, during a screening of the new documentary Climate Hustle, in Congress’s Rayburn Building on Thursday.

Sarah Palin Says Bill Nye Is Not A Scientist

Climate Hustle is an anti-climate change film, which claims to expose man-made global warming as a hoax.

Palin and several other anti-climate change supporters attended the screening to discuss the film, with the Paris climate deal ready to be signed next week.

During the screening a short clip was shown of Nye, in which he remarked that climate change deniers will be rejected by Americans.

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said in response to Nye’s comment. “He’s a kids’ show actor, he’s not a scientist.”

Yet, Nye does hold a mechanical engineering degree from Cornell, is a visiting professor at the university, and owns several patents on technical devices he designed.

The discussion was also filmed to accompany Climate Hustle, and will be screened for one day at some 400 cinemas around the country on May 2.

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