Saoirse Ronan stars in The Host, the movie adaptation of Stephan Meyer's novel of the same name, alongside Max Irons and Jake Abel. Ronan, who has a love triangle with Irons’ and Abel’s characters in the film, happened to have met each of them prior to working on The Host. "I knew what kind of people they were […] and when it came to doing those kinds of romantic scenes, we had to laugh and we didn’t take it too seriously,” Ronan said.

Acting out the love scenes, however, was most likely a far less physically challenging task than the more action oriented. Ronan, who did most of her own stunts, leapt off of a balcony for one of her scenes. Although the assistant director gave her an out, Ronan refused it, butterflies and all. The brave decision earned her assistant director $40, as everyone had placed a bet that the 18-year-old actress would chicken out.

When asked what she would do if she was hosted in castmate Diane Kruger’s body, Ronan had one thing on her mind – Kruger’s closet. “I think I’d just raid her wardrobe,” Ronan deadpanned. “I think Diane’s got the best style, so I’d probably take a few of her clothes and put them in my wardrobe.”

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