In the competitive market for the perfect phone-tablet hybrid,the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 offers an enhanced user experience, offering improved ways for artists, designers, and those who just like to draw out their ideas a more ergonomic way to do so.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

At 5.7 inches with a curved body designed for improved handling, the Note 7 is a larger, more powerful device than it’s predecessor, the Note 5. Powering the device is a 35000mAh battery, allowing for longer usage and faster charge, either through Samsung’s wireless charging ports or a USB-c cable (which is also perfect for high speed data transfer). With 4gb of RAM, the Note 7 makes use of its increased battery life with a 31% increase in CPU and 58% GPU increase. In other words, the Note 7 can do a lot, and looks pretty doing it. And at 64gb storage space already on board, you’ll have the room to use it to it’s full potential.

All of these hardware upgrades add up to a phone-tablet that on the surface provides a better way to take notes, think, and sketch out ideas, with the improved S-Pen. It’s 0.7mm tip gives the natural feel of pen to paper, and the pen can take notes directly on the lock screen, all saved to a unified notes application on the device, accessible through the pen’s air controls. Create GIFs, to-do-lists, and renderings while anywhere with a stylus that is water resistant, the Note 7 itself capable of staying 1.5 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes. Even images are sharper on the Note 7,  its mobile HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilities providing greater contrast, brightness, and vibrancy perfect for movies on that long train ride, or impressing your client with your graphics. What better way to show off those vacation photos, snapped on the Note’s 12MP camera.

And if you are worried about your phone being a risk for security breach, the Note 7 also has that covered: equipped on every device is powerful Iris scanner,in addition to standard PIN and fingerprint locks. With no two irises the same, and a lack of imprints left from the scan, the Iris is the new frontier in protecting your information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

In Cnet‘s review of the Note 7, the device stands out for it’s S-Pen and incredible graphics performance, despite it’s heaviness and the tendency for dust particles to get trapped in crevices. For series tablet users who want to improve their productivity, and be more secure while doing so, this is great, if big, investment.

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