While visiting Howard Stern on his infamous radio show, actress Sally Field explained why she wasn’t the biggest fan of playing Aunt May in The Amazing Spider-Man. 


The actress explained she joined on to play Aunt May to work with long time friend and late producer  Laura Ziskin one last time.

“Spider-Man! You didn’t like that movie?” Stern asked.

“Not especially,” Field said. “It’s not my kind of movie. But my friend Laura Ziskin was the producer, and we knew it would be her last film, and she was my first producing partner, and she was a spectacular human.”

Stern asked how much thought Field put into the character. “Not a great deal,” she said.

“Is that right?…Why, because it’s a superhero movie and it’s frivolous?,” he continued asking.

“Because it’s really hard to find a three dimensional character in it, and you work it as much as you can, but you can’t put ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag,” answered Field.

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