Ryan Reynolds is not afraid of the thousands of fanboys and girls at Comic-Con 2010. As the footage for his upcoming superhero flick Green Lantern premiered at the cult convention this past weekend, Reynolds found that he had been drawing energy from the jitters and embracing that rush. “Nerves are a nice thing — they let you know you’re alive,” he told USA Today. “Stepping out at Comic-Con in front of 6,500 people is not a settling experience. But I try not to live in fear.”

And fearless is the persona of the character Reynolds will portray in Lantern. Hal Jordan is a test pilot who has been given the honor of being the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps., despite currently undergoing personal issues of his own. This “fractured human being” disposition is just the kind of role that inspires Reynolds. “Anytime you’re dealing with a guy who has something unbelievable and insurmountable to overcome, it makes for a pretty interesting story,” he said. “As an actor, it’s an interesting and excellent thing for me to get an opportunity to play.”

Green Lantern also stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong. The movie is set to premiere next summer on June 17. –Natthakan Garunrangseewong

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