Yardwork just became as easy as a push of a button with the addition of a new, electronic lawnmover called the Robomow. Controlled via a smartphone app, Robomow is perfect for trimming up the yard without breaking a sweat. Think of it as a giant Roomba with blades.

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The device first requires setting up a green perimeter line around the yard, indicating where the robot can and cannot go. After setting up the lawnmower’s charging base in a corner of your yard—the mower makes a beeping sound if disturbed, and relies on a security pin to prevent theft—Robomow will automatically leave the base after charging for twenty-fours, cutting the grass all by itself. The owner can set how often they want the grass cut, and at what hours of the day the machine should run. For your desired length of grass, the lawnmower has to be manually adjusted with a dial under the hood. Like an indoor vacuum, the Robomow moves in a random pattern around the yard, and uses its bumper to avoid large objects. For this reason, it is best to not have children or animals around while it is in operation.

The Robomow’s crowning feature is its automatic mode, although it is best used as a lawn maintainer; excessively tall grass will cause the mower to overheat and be unable to complete a cycle. An internal sensor also monitors the weather, and the device will not operate while raining and is somewhat adverse to cutting wet grass, according to a recent Cnet review. Within the app that comes with the mower, accessible on both iOS and Android, the Robomow can be controlled via Bluetooth for more expert, precise yard work. However, the wireless connection means the user will have to stay fairly close to the lawnmower while in use. The app will also provide stats on how much work your mower has done.


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While clearly a device that seems ripped from a Jetsons episode, the Robomow is not without its quirks. The sensitive electronics in the device also means that the under-body and blades have to be cleaned without a hose, and you must use a stick and damp cloth to wipe off the grass that accumulates. That being said, the Robomow offers a quick way to take some stress out of that dreaded yard work, if your budget allows for it.

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