Robert Pattinson‘s performance in Good Time was wildly applauded at the Cannes Film Festival, leading many to believe the actor will be a leading contender for an Oscar.

Pattinson’s new film Good Time received a six-minute long standing ovation at Cannes on Thursday night.

He plays criminal Connie Nikas in the movie – directed by brothers Josh and Ben Safdie – as he and his brother Nik set out to carry out a bank robbery. The heist movie is set to be released later this year, and is already lauded by critics. Variety wrote that Pattinson has achieved a ‘career high’ with his performance.

A reporter who was at the Cannes screening said that “whistles, cheering and yells of ‘Great job!’and ‘Bravo!’ could be heard, and at the tail end of the film’s six-minute standing ovation, a chant carried throughout the orchestra up to the balcony.”

Another underdog emerged at Cannes in the form of Adam Sandler whose performance in Noah Baumbach’s drama The Meyerowitz Story is also tipped for an Oscar.


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