Rob Lowe and his family had to be rescued from their vacation house in Grasse, France, Wednesday due to raging floodwaters.

Rob Lowe Saved From Flood

Both Lowe and his son Johnny Lowe posted to Instagram to show the waters that engulfed the first floor of the house in which they’ve been staying. “This is right outside the house,” Lowe captioned an image of rushing water. “Was twice as high at the worst, just before sunrise.”

Johnny Lowe posted a brief video in which he can be heard swearing as he watches the intense scene through a second-story window. “That's the first floor of our house submerged,” he wrote. “Scariest hour or so of my life, also sorry for the explicit language. #theboyssurviveaflood.”

The storm surge in Grasse caused five feet of flooding in certain areas, causing damage and requiring regional rescue units to take action. "This was the biggest storm of the year," a rescue official told People. "Water rising like that can be terrifying. There's only one rescue station in Grasse, and this storm required assistance from several other regional units. We were called out on a lot of emergency rescues yesterday."

After Rob Lowe and his family were rescued from the home, Lowe had posted a picture of his wife hugging one of the firemen who came to take them out of harm’s way. "My wife being rescued this am in the horrific flooding in Grasse France,” Lowe had captioned the picture, which has now been deleted. “Glad we are safe. Grateful to first responders."


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