Following the death of Lisa Marie, Elvis Presley‘s daughter, in January of this year, Riley Keough and Priscilla Presley have been fighting in a legal battle over Lisa Marie’s will.

In 1993, Lisa Marie inherited the Graceland estate from her late father. Originally, Marie had Priscilla and former business manager Barry Siegel as trust managers, but this was amended in 2016. Currently, the will reads that Riley and Benjamin Keough, Lisa Marie’s children, will be made the trust managers.

Since Benjamin died in 2020, Riley is the sole executor of the will.

Priscilla contested the will, questioning its authenticity. Priscilla’s lawyers claimed the will misspelled her name and had an unusual signature and have filled with the Los Angeles Superior Court.

In light of this, Keough changed the locks on the doors of the estate, effectively locking out her grandmother.

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