Sons of Anarchy is used to shocking viewers, but usually it's with violent deaths and unsavory business deals, and rarely does the FX's SOA come up with laughs — even dark ones — but that's exactly what happened in the fifth episode of the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy, which featured a surprisingly well-kept secret guest appearance by Walton Goggins (Justified), who, as people in the know will recognize, also worked with SOA creator Kurt Sutter on the highly acclaimed The Shield, also on FX, as Detective Shane Vendrell, alias Cletus Van Damme.

So Goggins appeared in Sons of Anarchy as Venus Van Damme — a clever gift to fans of Sutter and The Shield who would get the inside joke — a transvestite hired by Jax (Charlie Hunnam) to pose in suggestive positions with a drugged city council member whom the Sons later intend to blackmail into advancing their personal political agenda.

FX / Sons of Anarchy

Goggins showed up in a low-cut dress that revealed an ample amount of alarmingly realistic cleavage. "Is he dead?" Goggins-as-Venus said in her fake Southern drawl. "'Cause I don't do dead," Venus mandated. When Jax imparted the degree of discretiton this little venture required, Venus assured, "My lips are sealed. Although I might open them up a little bit for you."

Followers of SOA creator Sutter on Twitter may remember a tweet from the summer that read, "just wrote the most disturbing SOA sex scene i've ever written. i need to shower and play with a puppy."

And the breasts? "Those are real," Goggins told Entertainment Weekly. "You just haven't seen them on The Shield or on Justified. I wear a sports bra to push them down," he said.

But seriously, folks. "We just wanted it to be as believable as possible … because maybe you wouldn't look at my wrists if you were looking at my breasts. But it seemed to really fit on my frame. It's a [chest] plate, you know. But I don't want to give away all my trade secrets. As far as your concerned, they're real."

Lucky for Goggins, shooting happened in one day — one highly uncomfortable day. "I couldn't be in those stilettos more than one day," he laughed. "And it was like 110 degrees in the Valley …. So I almost melted, along with my breasts."

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