The Real Housewives of New York City returned for part three of their third reunion event and tensions were as high as ever.


While all the ladies were present, the show was mainly about the relationship between Bethenny and Ramona. Tinsley, Carole, Sonja, Dorinda, and Luann were merely table ornaments. The women talk about their sex lives, and unfortunately, too much about Harry Dubin and how Sonja is allergic to his sperm. But this sex talk just brings us back around to Ramona shaming Bethenny for her “soft porn past,” which was not even porn – she appeared topless in a Hollywood film called Hollywood Hills 90028, as any aspiring actress might do.

Ramona looks almost embarrassed when host Andy Cohen brings that up, and begins to open up about regretting certain behaviors from the past season. But this ends quickly when Bethenny starts to get defensive, and they’re all back to fighting once again.

Finally, the show shifts to focus on some of the other women, but still sticks with the fighting theme. The feud between Sonja and Tinsley pops up, and Sonja starts to explain that she was so hard on her friend because she cares so much for her and was always looking out for her. It’s unclear if anyone is buying this phony excuse.

Next we get to relive some of the best moments in the show’s history – the Mexico trip. Clips on clips are replayed of the ladies all getting drunk and doing their own drunken shenanigans, from Sonja suggesting they “just all have sex,” to Dorinda flailing her arms, to Luann simply falling over. Andy tries to start some drama by asking what gave Ramona the idea that she deserved the best room in the hotel, despite the fact that she was almost not even invited on the trip. Thankfully, the ladies sidestep the question.

Andy ends the finale with a game of Rose and Thorn, and Luann brings up her ex Tom, whom she is currently divorcing, and who many of the women allege cheated on her. No one is too happy to hear his name, but they proceed. Carole chooses her thorn to be the day after the 2016 presidential election, and everyone seems just fine with that.

And with that, we’re left to wait for the drama-filled tenth season of The Real Housewives of New York City.

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