Rapper Chad Marshall, known by his moniker Rowdy Rebel, a member of the Brooklyn-based GS9 hip-hop collective, has been release from a New York State prison after a four-year stint.

The Brooklyn native was released on parole as of December 15. His parole hearing occurred earlier in August and included a series of conditions to be followed until 2025, including regular check-ins with a parole officer.

Rowdy Rebel is a member of hip-hop crew turned gang, GS9. The group was allegedly connected to a string of violent events against rival gangs that occurred from 2013 to 2014 across the East Flatbush neighborhood of New York. Its most prominent members include Rowdy Rebel and fellow rapper Bobby Shmurda, both of whom were arrested and were found guilty of criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree and conspiracy in the fourth degree. Rebel received a six to seven-year sentence, but he ended up only serving four. Shmurda will be released the following year.

Their initial arrest was happened after police saw Shmurda flashing a firearm in his apartment window that he later tried to conceal. The resulting sting occurred after a two-year operation that documented the gang’s alleged criminal activity. Shmurda and Rebel were charged with possession of illegal weapons and related conspiracy murder charges. While imprisoned, Shmurda was reportedly the center of multiple gang confrontations as well as cases of weapons smuggling.


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