Georgia State Police arrested and detained superstar rapper Miles McCollum, better known as Lil Yachty, on an Atlanta highway last Monday for driving well over 150 m.p.h. in his Ferrari F8. The Atlanta native was taken to a local city jail but later released along with his vehicle.

On September 21, Lil Yachty was pulled over and arrested for recklessly driving over the speed limit on Interstate 75 by State Police. The officer on the scene initiated a traffic stop to which he took the artist into custody, later being taken to Atlanta City Jail. The Ferrari Yachty had been driving was one of several sports cars in his collection. It was later released to an individual close to the rapper. Lil Yachty was released shortly afterward to intake personnel and published a video of Instagram of him counting large numbers of high-value dollar bills while presumably in his Ferrari. The caption of the post verified his status and read: “I’m not in jail.”

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I’m not in jail

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Since then, the “Lil Boat 3” performer has released two more statements via social media. The first being a Tik Tok video published this Monday, where the 23-year-old appears in front of a screenshot of an article regarding his initial arrest, in which he said, “Slow down, kids.” The second statement appeared on Twitter in reaction to the release of his mugshot, to which he refers to himself as looking “homeless and janky.”

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