Kensington Palace, the sometimes London home of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has long been thought to be haunted. This Halloween, ghost enthusiasts will be able to walk in and see for themselves, according to the palace's website.

Doors will open for ghost tours for four nights on Halloween weekend, October 28 to 31. Named "The Eerie Evening Tours of the Enchanted Palace," these walk-throughs will cost about $33 per person and last about an hour and half.

The palace is allegedly haunted by George V's Queen Mary, who just happens to be Prince William's great-great grandmother. "Stories collected in the warders' log book over the years include numerous reports of screams, bumps, and ghostly sightings," the UK's Daily Mirror reported. While some may stand by these accounts, the website emphasizes that the tour is based on history, not the work of paranormal psychics. Still, they say, it may be too scary for children under 12.

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