Prince George of Cambridge, son of Kate Middleton and Prince William and heir to the British throne, was born on July 22, 2013. Esteemed British astrologer Julian Venables read the stars and planets for the royal baby’s first horoscope exclusively for Uinterview.

Born a Cancerian, Prince George is joining his father William (born June 21, 1982) and his late grandmother Princess Diana (born July 1, 2961) in having the zodiac sign of the crab. Prince George, like his mother Kate, has a Capricorn Sun, according to Venables, who acknowledges that, “Strong family ties run very clearly through his horoscope.”

Prior to Prince George’s birth, bets were on that he’d been born a Leo – the fire sign of royalty. Having been born in the last degree of Cancer, “along with the other three planets in Cancer (Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) makes him very influenced by the water element, which is about emotions, sensitivity and feelings,” suggests Venables. “Cancers are also known for family, roots, foundations and the past, so his ancestry plays an important part in his upbringing.”

In his youth, Venables believes Prince George, who will be prone to wanting privacy, “may even enjoy hiding away on purpose like curling up into a shell.” The Oxford-educated astrologer adds, “As he grows up and finds himself in the public eye more and more, he might well have to be ‘in the right mood’ to face people first.”

The young prince’s horoscope further indicates that he will love animals and the country and enjoy the company of his family above all else.

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