Pretty Little Liars returned this week with Spencer still struggling with the knowledge that Tobey is part of the A-Team, Aria still getting uncomfortably close to Ezra’s little brother and Hannah playing matchmaker between Caleb and who she thinks is his real father.

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) not only lost her boyfriend, she’s also losing her role as captain and position on the academic decathlon team. Targeting her anger at Mona, she confronts her in the hallways. "Mona, is there anything else that you want to take away from me?" she asks before deciding to ditch school altogether for the day. When she pulls out her sunglasses the lenses read, “You rat out T, I take down 1 of your 3 – A" – meaning it's unlikely she’ll be making that reveal anytime in the episode, and more likely that her friends will become exceedingly annoyed with her attitude.

Meanwhile, Hannah (Ashley Benson) has decided to further take matters into her own hands in reuniting Caleb with his long lost dad, aka Uncle Jamie. She convinces Jamie to meet Caleb for coffee at The Brew. Caleb is not down for the idea, and who could really blame him? "He had a lot of days where he could've made this choice, but he didn't," Caleb says sternly. Eventually Caleb decides to go, slicking his hair back and buttoning a pressed blue shirt up to the top, but insists that Hannah go with him.

Aria’s (Lucy Hale) after school plans also involve helping out with a boyfriend’s family affairs. She’s helping Ezra’s brother Wes pack up his stuff to move to a friend’s place in Philly to escape his mom. When Cece asks Aria to help her out at her store, Aria brings Wes along knowing he could use the extra cash right now. They drink some wine, spill some wine and get lied to by CeCe who is hanging out in her car at an undisclosed location. It becomes apparent that Wes doesn’t actually have a place to crash in Philadelphia, so Aria offers him her couch.

Wren makes a surprising pit stop at the Hasting’s house later in the day. Sent by the concerned Mona to see how Spencer is doing, he offers his old crush/ex-fiancé’s little sister whatever help she might need. Repressing her anger, she turns Wren’s visit to her advantage, duping him into driving her up to Lewisburg where the academic decathlon is taking place.

After Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Jason DiLaurentis swap theories about Alison’s pregnancy and who the father could have been, they team up for a bit of sleuthing. Their goal is to place Detective Walden with Ali when she vacationed in Cape May. Jason remembers a photograph from a collage Alison had given their father that showed her in front of a boat. The pair visits Mr. DiLaurentis’ office and conveniently discovers the collage and the photo, which shows a smiling Alison flanked by both a younger Detective Walden and Cece.

The dwindling minutes wrap up the girls’ storylines in dramatic fashion. Caleb and his dad seem to hit it off over coffee, and Hannah even manages to get Jamie a job in fixing the Church bell tower – before she realizes he stole cash out of the church's collection box. When Aria and Wes chat about their shared ritual of bedtime reading, Wes leans in and kisses his big brother's girl. Jason and Emily get stuck in an elevator trying to leave the office. While Emily manages to get out, Jason plummets with the elevator through the shaft – surviving with mild injuries but losing the incriminating photo. And Spencer officially cracks up. She arrives in Lewisberg to walk in on the academic decathlon team rehearsing and ends up attacking Mona with her claws out.

Check out a sneak peak for next week’s Pretty Little Liars below:


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    I would be freaking out too if I had just found out that my boyfriend was part of the A-Team. Her punishment continues as she is thrust into a duel with Mona who should get her butt kicked for working alongside A. This storyline is an example of why I love this hot drama, so it’s disappointing that I end up missing it because I work weeknights at my job at DISH. Thankfully, my DISH Hopper is set to auto-record not only Pretty Little Liars, but all my other favorite shows on ABC during prime time hours. This gives me the ability to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and any other shows on ABC that I’ve missed over the weekend.

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