Melissa revealed her secret and Caleb came clean about Ravenswood in Pretty Little Liars’ “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me.”

Could Ali Be A?

After losing their faith in Ali (Sasha Pieterse), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Aria (Lucy Hale) head to the police station to come clean about New York and squash Ali’s kidnapping story. They don’t go through with the plan, however, after a TV screens in the window in an electronics store flash video of Ali sneaking into the Rosewood hospital to visit Hanna, accompanied with the message: “We’re all in this together.” If A releases the video to the police, then they are never going to believe that the girls didn’t know Ali was alive the entire time she was missing. Defeated, Aria and Hanna head home while Spencer and Emily go to the Brew for some comfort coffee drinks.

Unable to go to the police and doubtful that Ali is still loyal to them, Emily goes to Ezra (Ian Harding). They still have no information on Cyrus and his sudden disappearance after confessing to kidnapping Ali paired with Ali’s sob story has Emily thinking Cyrus was working with Ali the entire time. With no where to turn, she goes to Ezra with a photo of Ali from Noel’s stash, showing her getting money from an ATM. She asks Ezra to do a little digging to see if he can find out anything about Ali’s missing years, including any relationship with Cyrus she may have had. Ezra takes it and returns with a bit more information. Turns out, Ali returned to that same ATM, but this time, she was with Cyrus. Using his investigative skills, Ezra is able to find out that Cyrus, or any of his three known aliases, has been arrested for petty theft among other lesser charges. But there must be something else, something Ali used to blackmail him into risking jail time to give her story credibility.

It turns out, Hanna is also suspicious of Ali’s true nature, and she floats the theory that it was Ali who gave them that message, not A. A told Ali that she couldn’t leave Rosewood, but Ali had gone with her dad to escape the kidnapper drama, so what changed? Maybe, Hanna says, Ali made a deal with A that could be costing them everything.

Hanna Stages An Intervention For Caleb

When she’s not worrying about Ali, Hanna is busy worrying about Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). After coming home and finding him in bed with a bottle of Vodka, Hanna decides it’s time for an intervention.

Spencer calls in Toby (Keegan Allen), hoping that Caleb will be willing to talk to his bromantic partner, and the four of them go out to dinner. Despite Hanna’s protests Toby immediately starts questioning Caleb on why he feels he can’t sleep without alcohol and, for a minute, it seems like Toby might be getting through to Caleb, but in the end, Caleb walks out on dinner and shrugs Hanna off when she tries to follow him.

Emily is also having problems in the love department. Feeling foolish that she essentially broke up with Paige (Lindsey Shaw) for Ali, Emily is trying to figure out how to mend things with her ex. She approaches Paige at school to warn her about Sydney’s relationship with Jenna, and cautions her to keep an eye on Sydney during swim practice. Emily wants to talk, but Paige is busy that night, so they make plans for sometime in the future. Later that night, Emily runs into a very dressed up Paige at the Brew.

Mona Warns Aria About Ali

At the Montgomery house, Aria finds that Mona (Janel Parrish) and Mike (Cody Christian) are dating again, and, though she certainly isn’t welcoming to Mona, she forces herself to keep from telling Mike not to see Mona. Her father (Chad Lowe) agrees that they need to be mindful of Mona’s relationship with Mike, but cautions Aria against making a big deal out of it, for fear that it will only drive Mike closer to his duplicitous girlfriend. The next day, when Ella is forced to cancel on a family outing, Mona takes her place at a movie-screening event. While Aria sits awkwardly next to her occasional tormentor, she sees Paige who is there with a blonde girl.

In the middle of the screening, Aria whispers something in Mona’s ear, causing her to run to the bathroom and cry. When Mike asks Aria to check on his date, the two girls talk in the bathroom. Mona reveals that she knows some of what happened in New York, but she can guess the rest, and insists again that she is only trying to protect herself from Ali. Aria may not believe her, she says, but when Ali is done with Mona, she will turn on Aria and her friends.

Melissa Buried Bethany Young Alive

At home with Toby, Spencer gets a package from Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), who disappeared without saying goodbye. It’s a video confession. Melissa tells her sister that she is in London, but she doesn’t want to leave Spencer in the dark, not anymore. It was her that killed Bethany Young, but not intentionally. The night Ali disappeared, and the night Bethany Young died, Melissa saw Spencer walking around the yard dragging a shovel. In the DiLaurentis backyard, she saw a girl she assumed was Ali, lying unconscious – seemingly dead – on the ground. Melissa immediately thought that Spencer had killed Ali. The girl was lying face down, but she was wearing the exact same clothes Ali had been wearing that night, so Melissa assumed it was Alison and also assumed that she was dead. Without thinking, Melissa buried the girl, only to learn later that it hadn’t been Alison, and that the girl hadn’t been dead when she buried her. She just wanted to protect Spencer.

After the awkward movie night, Aria overhears Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) talking to her dad. She tells him that one of the girls is coming clean and has promised to tell the “truth” in a police interview the next day. Aria immediately calls an emergency meeting, and the girls, minus Hanna, meet at Spencer’s. They all insist that they are not the ones going to the police – it must be Ali. After waiting for Hanna to show up, Spencer finally shows the video to Aria and Emily. She thinks Ali must have had something to do with Bethany’s death. How else would Bethany have an exact duplicate of Ali’s clothing that night? And, if Ali is somehow responsible for Bethany’s death, what’s to stop her from telling the police that it was them who killed Bethany?

Over at Toby’s cabin, Caleb finally comes clean to Hanna about what happened in Ravenswood, most notably about the releasing of spirits and the swarm of fireflies that came after. He tells her he can’t sleep because he’s worried that Miranda – or her ghost – will come to him in a dream and tell him that she isn’t at peace, and that he sent her somewhere horrible. Hanna manages to calm him down and convinces him that they are going to get through this together; they deserve a happy ending. Outside, fireflies are dancing in the night.

Pretty Little Liars will air their summer finale Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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