Pretty Little Liars resumed on Tuesday with the dark and twisted second episode of season 4 aptly titled "Turn of the Shoe" – a nod to Henry James' ghostly novella Turn of the Screw, where the origin of evil is never revealed. "Turn of the Shoe" picks up with Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) playing with their food at The Brew while trying to figure out who the veiled woman was at Wilden’s funeral last week. Spencer is building a map of the cabin that blew up in flames during last season’s premier, Hanna is convinced Ali is alive and Aria is convinced that they're going to take the fall for Wilden’s murder.

When Mona (Janel Parish) joins them, they eye her suspiciously as they’re more or less convinced she had something to do with Ashley’s (Laura Leighton) phone winding up in Wilden’s casket. She offers to take them to the RV to gain their trust. When they arrive at the location Mona and Hanna had left it, it’s gone. Little do they know it was Toby (Keegan Allen) – not Mona – who moved it. When Mona gets into her car, however, she starts to get strangled by some new member of the A team. When she’s tossed from the car, Emily and Aria go to help. But when the car starts heading for them, Emily pulls Aria out of the way, slamming her shoulder on a rock in the process.

Back at the Marin household, Ashley is back from her “business trip,” and Hanna asks her about New York. Ashley dodges the question, claiming she was cooped up in a windowless office the entire time. Hanna goes on to tell her mother that she went to Wilden’s funeral, and is trying to feel out whether or not she thinks she and the other Liars had anything to do with his death. But Hanna soon has more reason to think Ashley may have had something to do with it, as she senses Ashley lying when she hands her back her phone. Hanna’s suspicions about her mom only increase when she finds her silk Manolo Blahniks in a bag and covered in mud.

Spencer, at her parentless abode, goes to check the mailbox and finds a rejection letter from Penn. Just when things started getting back to normal for Spencer, it looks like she might be headed for another downward spiral. She eventually tells Tobey, but he’s too distracted to care. Instead of confiding in her friends, the next person Spencer tells in Ezra/Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding), who offers to help her write a new admissions essay. Fitz admires Spencer’s essay, but encourages her not to use it, telling her it’s a bit too honest. When Spencer next sees Tobey, he’s a mess. He confesses to having moved the RV in exchange for something he wanted – a transcript of his mother at Radley the day before she committed suicide.

The swim team has a huge meet, and Emily – who Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is so eager to have come to Stanford with her she’s designing their dorm room already – is in some serious pain from falling on her shoulder. She finds a bottle of painkillers, takes one and snags a handful for later. Before Emily’s swim meet, Shana tries to intimidate her and ultimately succeeds, as Emily pops one too many painkillers before heading to the pool. Her vision is blurred, she can’t see the wall and boom, she head-butts it straight on. Paige pulls her out of the water and she’s taken on a stretcher to the hospital. When Paige visits her back at her house, Emily confesses to the entire mess.

Aria, whose life Emily saved injuring her arm, is determined to protect herself so she decides to hit up a karate studio. There, she gets a private lesson from Jake, and Aria, not one to resist the temptation of a teacher, plants a kiss on the surprised instructor. He's taken aback at first, but by the end of the episode he's basically asking her out on a date.

After not getting anything resembling honesty from her mother about the heels, and not finding Spencer at home, Hanna gets invited over by Mrs. DiLaurentis. On the porch, Hanna meets Tippy, Ali’s grandmother’s bird whom she shared a room with when she's visit her. The bird has all the secrets. But of course, before the girls can get anything truly useful (aside from a phone number with no one on the other end) the bird conveniently disappears.

Did Ashley really murder Wilden? Will the liars get the knowing parrot back? Pretty Little Liars will return next Tuesday on ABC Family at 8/7c.

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