Emily and Spencer discovered Sydney’s relationship with Jenna and Caleb punched Zack for Hanna in Pretty Little Liars’ “March of Crimes.”

Hanna (Ashley Benzo), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Emily (Shay Mitchell) gather at Hanna’s after receiving an SOS text from Ali (Sasha Pieterse). She tries to defend her decision to ask Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty) to break into the Marin house, but Spencer is not in a particularly forgiving mood. When Ali leaves to call her dad in private, Spencer tells Hanna and Emily that they need to keep Ali in check. Hanna begs Emily to let her stay with her instead of being stuck in a room with Ali, but Emily says no and leaves. On her way home, Emily stumbles upon Noel sitting in his car, listening to a recording of Ali and Shana, where she talks about things that occurred during her supposed ‘kidnapping.’

The next morning, Ashley (Laura Leighton) gives Hanna a stern lecture when she sees Hanna’s flask in her room. Ashley empathizes with her daughter, saying that after the break-in, she has a better understanding of just how scared Hanna and the girls must be. Hanna tells her mother what she wants to hear and makes her way to school, clearly out of it.

Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) is back and questioning Aria (Lucy Hale) about her “intimate” relationship with Mr. Fitz. When Tanner presses about whether or not Ezra had an extra-curricular relationship with Shana, Aria rises to the bait. After her interrogation, Aria texts Ezra telling him not to hurry back to Rosewood and that Tanner is asking questions about his relationship with Shana.

Ali And Jenna Discuss Shana

With Aria being questioned at the school, Ali is going into panic mode. She tries to patch things up with Hanna after class and even offers to help fix whatever is going on between Aria and Hanna, but Hanna tells her she just wants Ali to leave her alone. Lucky for Hanna, Jenna (Tammin Sursok) walks in, giving her an out. Ali and Jenna exchange tense pleasantries before Ali asks Jenna how she turned Shana against her. She didn’t, Jenna says, Ali did that all on her own.

Ali isn’t the only one worried about Hanna. Spencer has decided that she has had enough and goes straight to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Ever since he came back, Hanna has been drinking, something he attributes to Ali’s return. She’s not drinking alone, Spencer reminds him before almost spilling the beans about Hanna’s uncomfortable interaction with Zack (Steve Talley). Though she is able to cover when Caleb questions Spencer about Zack, she does mention that Hanna will not be going to Ella’s (Holly Marie Combs) engagement party as planned.

Emily Confronts Sydney About Jenna

After her talk with Caleb, Spencer makes her way to the eye doctor, where she has her pupils dilated, causing her to question herself when she sees what appears to be two Jennas in the waiting room. In reality, it’s Jenna and Sydney (Chloe Bridges), who are inexplicably dressed identically and both wearing dark sunglasses inside. Adding to the creep factor is a secret message from A on Spencer’s eye exam chart that reads, “Can U C Me Yet –A.” Spencer calls Emily and tells her to get over to the optometrist right away to see the two Jennas and validate her vision. Emily gets there as soon as she can, but she’s a bit busy breaking into Noel Kahn’s car and stealing the tape recording he had been listening to as well as a series of photos proving Ali was not kidnapped.

When Emily finally makes her way to the optometrist, she and Spencer come face to face with Jenna and Sydney in the lobby, and Emily calls her out. That evening, after giving Spencer the evidence found in Noel’s car, Emily finds Sydney parked outside her house. Emily, in a rush to get to Ella’s engagement party, snaps at Sydney and confronts her about her relationship with Jenna. Sydney tells her that she met Jenna when she volunteered at the school for the blind and helped her get over all the pain Ali caused her. She was clearly asked by Jenna to spy on Emily, telling her, “I didn’t expect to like you.” Emily doesn’t care, and tells Sydney that she is going to take the swim team assistant coach position so that she will be there to watch Sydney’s every move.

Noel And Spencer Reach An Understanding

Meanwhile, Spencer is running late to the party. She decided to drive up to her family’s lake house to hide Noel’s tape and photos (apparently forgetting that A had broken into that house before) and finds Noel hiding under a sheet in the living room. She is able to grab a poker by the fireplace before he can force her to give up the tapes, and the two appear to come to an understanding. Noel tells Spencer that Shana had sent the photos to Jenna after turning on Ali. Ali had instructed him to sneak into Jenna’s house and steal them the night Jenna and Toby’s house blew up. He got out minutes before the fire, but he wonders whether or not he was being set up. Despite his story, Spencer doesn’t trust him with the evidence, and cuts his hand when he goes to grab it. They both don’t trust Ali, and they need the evidence that she wasn’t kidnapped as insurance to make sure Ali won’t turn on them. Spencer promises Noel that she’ll keep the evidence safe at some other location and he leaves with nothing more than a cut on his hand.

Caleb Punches Zack; Ella's Engagement Is Over

When Hanna goes to Toby’s cabin to see Caleb after school to drink beer, she ends up telling Caleb about how Zack came onto her. Caleb is furious, but keeps calm enough to lie and tell Hanna he’ll go pick up her favorite takeout. Instead, Caleb heads straight for the Brew and confronts Zack, punching him in the jaw. During the showdown, Zack shows Caleb a note he supposedly got from Hanna that says she’s sorry she was shy and that she’ll make it up to him.

When Caleb returns to Toby’s cabin, he shows Hanna the note, and they realize that A must have slipped it to Zack, encouraging him to get into Hanna’s car and give her his number uninvited.

At the Montgomery house, Aria and Ella are preparing for the engagement party, and Aria, still thinking about what Hanna told her, asks her mom one last time if she’s sure about marrying Zack. Ella immediately asks Aria if Zack had been inappropriate with her. Zack, it seems, has a history of approaching (much) younger women, something Ella had been able to rationalize in the past. Just like that, the engagement is called off. Aria goes to apologize to Hanna, leaving Ella alone at the house. When Byron (Chad Lowe) arrives home, he comforts Ella, letting her cry in his arms.

Aria finds Hanna emptying liquor bottles in Toby’s cabin. She tells Hanna that her mother has called off the engagement and apologizes for not believing Hanna. In the spirit of honesty, Hanna admits that A did taunt Zack, but Aria dismisses A’s involvement. Zack still took the bait.

An Innocent Man Confesses To Kidnapping Ali

Finally, Ashley and Ali have barely made it home from the cancelled engagement party when Ashley gets a call from Detective Tanner. The police found a man who confessed to kidnapping Alison, and they want her to come down to the station to identify him. At the police station, Ali and Ashley watch as the man confesses and gives Detective Tanner specific details of Ali’s escape, recounting the lies Ali originally fed the police. At the optometrist’s office, A sits listening to the recording of Ali’s statement (the one she made for Hanna and the girls).

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