President Barack Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the “Mean Tweets” segment, where he reads tweets targeted at himself – and the last one came from Donald Trump.


“Barack Obama is the Nickleback of presidents,” one tweet read. Another said, “Just found out my daughter shares a birthday with Obama PUKE.” These are the kinds of tame yet humorous tweets Kimmel has his celebrity guests read for the popular segment. The last tweet the president read came from Trump, who said, “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!”

Obama hit right back. “Well, @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president,” he said, as he looked into the camera and then dropped the cell phone he was reading from for effect.

Obama was also a guest on the show and spoke in depth with Kimmel about Trump’s candidacy. He described how in his elections, running against John McCain and Mitt Romney, he was running against two “honorable men,” and how Trump’s attitude toward the presidency is fraught with less-than-honorable intentions. He also admitted when asked that he laughs “most of the time” when watching Trump during debates.

When asked about getting important presidential calls in the middle of the night, Obama said, it’s happened a few times, but other than that, he leaves his personal cell off at night. “I don’t tweet at 3 a.m. about people who insult me,” Obama said, taking a dig at Trump for his inappropriate late-night Twitter rants. Trump may have written a nasty tweet, but Obama took Trump down on Kimmel. See “Mean Tweets” below.

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