Donald Trump once again created a political controversy on Saturday, after declaring in Iowa that John McCain, who was tortured as a prisoner of war, was “not a war hero.”

Donald Trump Defends Hair And John McCain Statements

Trump insisted that his comments about McCain were “absolutely fine,” after being criticized and slammed by many Republicans. Trump believed he was the victim of Republican opponents envious of his surge in popularity.

On Sunday, at a gathering of social conservatives in Iowa, Trump was asked on ABC if he would apologize.

“No, not at all,” Trump replied. “When I left the room it was a total standing ovation, it was wonderful to see, nobody was insulted.”

“I will say what I want to say,” Trump continued. “And maybe that’s why I am leading in the polls. Because people are tired of hearing politicians, and pollsters telling the politicians exactly what to say.”

During the 10-minute interview, conducted over the phone by Martha Raddatz, the billionaire seemed to argue that his comments were a result of McCain’s inappropriate statements.

“This all started when we had thousands and thousands of people in Phoenix, Arizona,” Trump said. “He [McCain] called them crazies. Frankly, I think he owes them an apology.”

“People who fought hard and weren’t captured and went through a lot, they get no credit,” Trump pointed out. “Nobody even talks about them; they’re, like, forgotten.”

Trump also took the opportunity to defend his hair, highlighting the fact that the media are constantly mocking his signature hair-do.

“People are constantly attacking my hair,” Trump told Raddatz. “I don’t see you coming to my defense. My hair is just fine. But if I say something about somebody else …”


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