Cuban American singer Pitbull posted a video on Twitter, expressing his frustration at the lack of response to Cuban anti-government protests that started last weekend. The “Timber” artist called the protests a “world event” and asked for viewers to support the demonstrators.


“This is a message to the world. We need to stand up, step up, but if you don’t understand what’s going on and you need to wake the f— up,” Pitbull said in his social media message. “This isn’t about politics, this is about saving lives. This is about unity, not division, and bottom line is about taking action.”

The singer, who was born Armando Christian Pérez, aired his frustration that he couldn’t help the Cuban people, whom he referred to as “my people,” by providing supplies like food, water and medicine.

He said, “Not only is this a Cuban event, Cuba thing — this is a world event.”

“And it gets me hot, it bothers me, it frustrates me to a certain extent, being a Cuban American and having a platform to speak to the world and not being able to help my own people, not being able to get them food, not being able to get them water, not being able to get the medicine,” Pitbull added. “But most of all, not being able to help, and really get them what they deserve … which is freedom.”

He ended his video by saying, “So to everybody out there, stand up, step up, if you don’t understand, Get with the motherf—— program, and wake up.”

After receiving worldwide criticism, Cuba has temporarily lifted restrictions on travelers bringing essential items like food, medicine and hygiene products.

During the ongoing protests, stirred by the government’s tightening grip on civil liberties and the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, at least one person has died and 100 others have been arrested. The country, which relies significantly on tourism, was decimated by the pandemic, leading many to attempt crossing the Gulf of Mexico.

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