In addition to having his hands full with Congress, it seems that President Barack Obama, 51, is now incurring the wrath of a superhero. A photo by White House photographer Pete Souza was released showing a little boy in a Spider-Man costume throwing a web at the Commander in Chief. The boy is actually the son of a White House staffer, according to MTV News.


The President is an admitted collector of Spider-Man comics, so much so he has even appeared in one himself. When Marvel heard of the president’s affinity for Spider-Man, he became the subject of Spidey Meets the President, or issue #583 of The Amazing Spider-Man, for you comic book lovers keeping track. Written by Mark Wald, the story takes place at Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and features an appearance by the villain Chameleon.

Obama has taken photos with other superheroes before. While a Senator, he posed with Superman as Superman, in this photo here.

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