Speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative today, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore launched their "Real Men Don’t Buy Girls" campaign to raise awareness about child sex slavery. Moore took the above photo of Kutcher during the talk and posted it on Twitter.

"The assumption is that slavery is a thing of the past," Kutcher said, according to USA Today. "But there are more slaves in the world today than ever before. There are currently 27 million human slaves."

The couple appeared together at the talks, despite persistent tabloid rumors that Kutcher has been cheating on Moore, his wife of almost five years. Despite the increasingly virulent gossip about Kutcher’s supposed fling the two held hands and stared lovingly at each other throughout the conference.

The two promoted their DNA Foundation, which focuses on changing the cultural stereotypes that promote child slavery and also on the rehabilitation of its victims. Former president Bill Clinton founded the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005 to bring together world leaders to address global problems. Its annual meeting was held September 21-23 in New York City.–ISHITA SINGH

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