Phil Collins is splitting with ex-wife Orianne Cevey again after her Vegas elopement and subsequent takeover of his Florida home. Cevey and her new husband reportedly refuse to leave Collins’ property before a renegotiation of their $46.76 million divorce settlement.

Collins and Cevey first split in 2006, shortly after the birth of their second son, and formally divorced in 2008. When the pair divorced their respective partners and reunited in 2016, it was both for the sake of their children and because the couple apparently missed one another. Things seemed to be going well until just this summer, when Cevey went to Las Vegas for a “business trip” and returned with a businessman – 31-year-old Thomas Bates. Cevey and Bates reportedly married in August, in a Vegas wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator. Upon finding out about Bates, Collins gave Cevey a deadline to vacate his home, 3 p.m. last Friday, but Cevey refused, and things have gotten ugly.

Collins is now suing Cevey for “an armed occupation and takeover” of his $33 million Florida home after Cevey and Bates moved in, changed the house alarms’ entry codes, hired armed security officers for protection, covered up the security cameras and turned away real estate agents sent over by Collins. Collins has said that he not only is concerned about Cevey damaging the house itself, but also the valuables inside, including his awards, instruments, memorabilia and clothing. Earlier this week, an officer of the court was sent over to the house to serve Cevey with her court summons. Photos taken at the Florida house show the officer flanked by police, speaking to security, then pinning the summons to the house’s front gate.

Collins reportedly filed an eviction lawsuit against Cevey, and will be taking her to court once it reopens next week. Sources say that, though he fully financially supports his sons, Collins does not plan to give Cevey any more money for their previous divorce.

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