Patrick Kennedy reveals little known facts about the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, who took 17 lives over the course of 13 years, in an exclusive interview with Uinterview. Not only was Kennedy one of the officers at Dahmer’s apartment the night he was finally busted by police, he took the murderer’s detailed first confession. He is also featured in the documentary The Jeffrey Dahmer Files, which hits theaters on Friday, Feb. 15 in New York City and on VOD nationwide.


It was on July 21, 1991 in Milwaukee, Wis., that Dahmer’s sloppiness led to the exposure of his long-kept secret. After an intended victim managed to get away and lead police to him, he was stuck between his crimes and the law. Yet, he still might have escaped had one of the officers not opened the refrigerator.

Kennedy was the chosen officer to return to the police station and interrogate Dahmer. After nearly three hours of idle conversation, Dahmer learned that the officers were still searching his apartment. Aware that there was no way out this time, he began a long and thorough confession detailing his victims, his motives and the way he learned to get rid of a body. Here are some of the things that Kennedy learned:

— How did Dahmer lure his victims to his apartment? “All of his victims willingly went back with him, he offered them money, and then he would drug them. He would put it in their drinks. So he offered this guy money to come back —$150 to come back and .. to watch videos and take some Polaroids.”

— Did Dahmer have a “type” of victim? “There’s a lot of misinformation. A lot of people thought he hated gays and he hated black people — because he killed 17 people, and like nine of them were black.”

— Why did the cops almost not catch Dahmer that night? “If they had had the key, that would’ve taken off that guy’s handcuffs…. So I truly believe, it would’ve been another escape, and a long list of authority figures that he was able to fool.”

— What drove Dahmer to kill? “He started to have dreams about being with men and looking at their insides. Somehow, that got crisscrossed in him.”

— How did he get away with this for 13 years? “One, he was the product of the upper white middle class, so he knew instinctively how to talk to authority figures”

— What was the crime scene like? “What I saw, was an empty refrigerator, on the door handle they had some mustard and ketchup and mayo, but in the main portion of the refrigerator was empty except for an open box of Arm & Hammer baking soda to keep things fresh, and a box containing the freshly severed head of a black male.

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