Cola Styles, a witness of the cannibal serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, claims she saw a “streak of evil” in the man when she attempted to rescue one of his victims in 1991.

When Styles was 17 she saw a dazed and naked boy wandering outside of her family’s apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The boy was 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone, one of Dahmer’s victims.

Styles went outside and approached the boy. “There were cuts and scrapes all over his body. Then I saw a thin stream of blood running down his thighs,” she said. When Sinthasomphone saw Styles “it was like a prayer had been answered. He looked at me as if I knew him. He came and reached out to me like a child and fell. I held on to him on the ground,” Styles continued.

Styles said she and her cousin talked to the boy, but he couldn’t respond. When they called the police, a man approached the two and said the boy was a houseguest named Jim who was drunk.

The man was Dahmer.


“When I told him we dialed 911, he joked that Jim had wandered off from being drunk. But then the name kept changing from Jim. And when he saw I wasn’t buying it, I did see a streak of evil in him,” Styles said.

Styles claims to have struggled with Dahmer who attempted to take the boy away before the police came. “He was handling the boy in a rough way, trying to take him away. There was a lot of yanking and twisting his arm, just being really aggressive.”

When the police arrived, Dahmer claimed that Sinthasomphone was 19 “and a lover who had too much to drink,” Styles told Fox News. The officers believed his story and left the scene.

Styles has previously been reluctant to speak about her encounter with Dahmer and his victim, Sinthasomphone. However she has recently come forward to share her experience due to Investigation Discovery’s true-crime documentary on the serial killer.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster aired Monday, May 25 at 9 p.m. on ID.

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