One person is left dead and two others injured after two bizarre accidents during a Phish concert on Sunday night.

A San Francisco police spokesperson confirmed on Monday that they were alerted in need of medical assistance during the time of the concert.

“Medics arrived at the Chase Center and immediate medical treatment, but despite the efforts of the emergency responders the victim succumbed to his injuries and was declared deceased,” the spokesperson said.

Police said there is no evidence of foul play, just unfortunate accidents. The Chief of the Medical Examiner is continuing their investigation of the death.

Reports on Reddit from people who attended the concert said they had seen the person who fell from the upper-level land on his head and broke the seat he struck on impact. They also described how the staff was cleaning up blood from the victim’s injuries.

Another Reddit user said the first person landed a couple of rows behind him.

“It’s so lucky that nobody besides him was hurt,” the post wrote, “The sound and scene was incredible and horrifying.”

Witnesses stated the fall happened during the first set of the Phish’s two-set performance.

Police were called again less than an hour later after a second accident occurred. Another man fell from section 214 onto the man below.

Both of the men sustained injuries but they were non-life-threatening.

On Monday, Chase Center spokesperson commented on the incidents and said the venue was working with authorities to determine what happened, and would “defer questions about the incident to the San Fransico Police Department.

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