Former Donald Trump advocate Omarosa Manigault Newman has fallen out of the President’s favor lately, divulging details about the inner workings of the White House through interviews and her new book, Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House. Her latest confession concerns former communications director Hope Hicks and why she was hired.


Speaking with The Hill on Monday, Newman explains that Trump hired Hicks solely because of her looks, bluntly saying, “Donald Trump hired her because she’s pretty.”


Hicks, meanwhile, was aware of her deficiencies in the world of politics, enough so as to discourage her from giving interviews. “She doesn’t give interviews because she’s private,” the former Trump aide explained. “She doesn’t give interviews because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She understands Trump, and she can schedule an interview… or write some notes, but that’s the extent of her political career.”

While Hicks was one of Trump’s longest-serving aides, she also “didn’t know what some of the most basic acronyms in politics meant,” Newman continued. “I said to her once, ‘You know, we should look at GOTV operations, and come up with some talkers from it,’ and she looked at me because she didn’t know what ‘get out the vote’ meant.”

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Hicks departed from the Trump administration in February. Nonetheless, she did receive praise from White House officials for her contributions during her tenure on the team. “When I became chief of staff, I quickly realized what so many have learned about Hope — she is strategic, poised and wise beyond her years,” chief of staff John Kelly said. Likewise, Ivanka Trump said Hicks is “loved” and “admired by all who know her,” adding how it is “with a heavy heart, but tremendous gratitude, that I wish her well in her next steps.”

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