In the wake of Omarosa Manigault Newman‘s book Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House, President Donald Trump has been on the warpath. According to Axios, in the days leading up to the book’s release, several of Trump’s advisers — and even his wife Melania Trump — encouraged the president to ignore it, but he has, as usual, ignored this advice and attacked Manigault Newman in the media. Trump has apparently now said privately that he wanted Manigault Newman arrested after she recently released a new tape to MSNBC where she recorded a phone conversation with the president’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.


In a news segment released by MSNBC, audiences can hear Manigault Newman’s conversation with Lara Trump. Following an article in the New York Times that suggested Manigault Newman had dirt on Trump, Lara Trump called her to discuss a new “job opportunity.” In the recorded conversation, Lara Trump did not specify which job was being presented to Manigault Newman, but she offered her $15,000 a month. Manigault Newman has interpreted this offer as hush money so that she would not release the tapes and book.

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Recently, Trump took to Twitter to insult Manigault Newman, calling her “crazed,” a “low-life” and a dog. According to Vanity Fair, Trump has taken this new tape release as a personal betrayal. A Republican insider told the media outlet that Trump has told advisers that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to arrest Manigault Newman. It is unclear what law Trump thinks she broke. Lara Trump released a statement that she felt betrayed by her “campaign sister” but did not deny the accusation of hush money. According to Politico, many White House staff members are “terrified” of what Manigault Newman could reveal in her tapes and book.

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