Nicki Minaj has suffered another nip slip – this time on the set of Andy Cohen‘s E! talk show Watch What Happens Live!

Nicki Minaj’s Latest Nip Slip

Minaj was on Watch What Happens Live! to promote her latest hip-hop album, The Pinkprint. Of course, in addition to asking about her new music, Cohen wanted to talk about Minaj’s past wardrobe malfunctions, while Minaj was incidentally in the midst of having another one in the form of a nip slip.

At the VMAs earlier this year, Minaj walked out on stage with her dress unzipped. While Minaj was nervous about the situation, she said she had to go out there for the other singers. “I was very panicked,” the singer told Cohen. “I contemplated not going out at all but then I would let Jessie and Arie down, and I didn’t want to do that on their moment. I just felt like I wanted to crawl under a freaking rock. When you’re in a situation like that you think everyone can see the panic on your face, but people said I was smiling.”

Though the dress incident was bad, according to Minaj, the nip slip on Good Morning America was worse. “Definitely the nip slip,” Minaj said while having another one. “Because the dress malfunction didn’t show anything.”

Minaj hasn’t commented on the incident, but did post a picture of herself with the E! personality on Instagram, captioning it, “Had the most fun this week doing his show last night.”

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