Boosie Badazz went on a tirade of homophobic and hateful tweets targeted at rapper Lil Nas X on Saturday.

“Stop trolling me f***** LOL!” Badazz tweeted, “If you #commitsucide you would do this world a huge favor. No one wants you here.”

Twitter took down his posts for violating the site’s policy on hate speech.

Badazz had criticized Nas before on social media, attacking Nas’ pride in his sexuality and showing it through his music.

“Lil Nas said he wants to perform naked for charity. Like bruh, they don’t tell him nothing,” Badazz said in an Instagram live. “They should be picking sides, man. You don’t tell his lil f—– a– nothing. That’s the most disrespectful motherf—— in the world.”

Badazz’s most recent attacks against Nas came after the “Montero” artist jokingly told fans on Instagram live over the weekend that he would be collaborating with Badazz.

Nas’ response to Badazz’s offensive tweets was funny and lighthearted, just like Nas himself. He wrote on Twitter, “I am truly saddened. I have never been so mortified in my life. I can’t believe Disney Channel has yet to play Halloweentown this entire October.”

Nas has been open about suffering from suicidal thoughts and spoke about it in 2019.

”I got news that my mom wasn’t doing so well in rehab with her addiction,” he wrote in a series of TikTok captions. “Also me and my boyfriend broke up. During this time “Old Time Road” was still killing it while I was…spiraling. I found myself in a hotel room contemplating ending it all. But I didn’t.”

Nas was honored by the Trevor Project’s “Suicide Prevention Advocate of the Year” in September.

Amit Paley, CEO and executive director at The Trevor Project, praised Nas on his advocacy for mental health on Monday, calling him a “beacon of hope” for the LGBTQ young people.”

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