Celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti was temporarily released from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan on Friday due to coronavirus concerns and is headed to Los Angeles.

Avenatti, known for his representation of adult-film star Stormy Daniels who had an affair with President Donald Trump, was convicted of extortion earlier this year over $20 million from Nike.

Avanetti said he trying to expose Nike’s alleged “high school/college basketball scandal” before being arrested.


He threatened Nike that he could use his ability to gain public attention if the company failed to meet his fiscal demands.

Avenatti will be escorted to his home in Venice, California, where he will be given an ankle bracelet for monitoring while serving 90 days of house arrest. He can see his wife but is not allowed to use the Internet.

Avenatti could face up to 330 years in prison if convicted on all charges against him, with the Nike case alone being 47 years.

“As all of you know, for the entirety of my career, I have fought against powerful, powerful people and powerful corporations,” Avenatti told reporters in March after he was initially released on $300,000 bond. “I will never stop fighting that good fight.”

The attorney is scheduled for sentencing his extortion conviction in June this year.