Lil Wayne and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban have been going back and forth online after Cuban responded with one of Wayne’s own lyrics along with a picture of him, to one of the rapper’s tweets calling Mavericks player Luka Dončić a “ho.”

Cuban’s response featured a line from Lil Wayne’s single “Uproar,” which seemed to strike a nerve with the rapper. He responded in a since-deleted tweet where he wrote “Mark Cuban don’t make me get u smacked boy,” and also said, “U playing with me?? I will piss in ya fkn mouth ho.”

It’s helpful to know he thinks both Cuban and Dončić are hoes, but according to sports commentator Skip Bayless who says he’s friends with Lil Wayne, this rivalry has a pretty deep backstory.

In a Wednesday episode of Undisputed, Bayless said he had invited Lil Wayne on the show to discuss the confrontation, but he refused because “what I would say would not be TV-friendly.” He said that the emotions are “deep-running,” and that Wayne was blindsided by the tweet because he thought they were “buddy-buddy” until now.

Bayless said that the rapper would attend Miami Heat games regularly while he lived in the city, and noted that Wayne was always clear that “at heart, he was a Laker fan, and he never hid that fact.” The commentator also mentioned that Wayne was once escorted out of a Lakers/Heat game because he was getting heated with local fans.

Tensions allegedly first arose between Cuban and Wayne when the entrepreneur invited him to an afterparty to celebrate the Dallas Maverick’s victory over the Heat in a Miami nightclub. Bayless said Wayne’s choice to attend the party “did not sit well” with LeBron James and especially Dwayne Wade, who both played for the Heat at that time. This reportedly led to Wayne getting banned from Heat games, causing the rapper to be frustrated at Cuban for extending the invitation.

Bayless then brought us to the present-day conflict. He mentions that Wayne was likely roasting the Mavericks because they were playing the Phoenix Suns, and the rapper is a close friend of the Suns player, Chris Paul. Bayless said Wayne wrote what he did about Dončić because “he was rooting for Chris Paul but he got sick and tired of watching Luka,” who was reportedly frequently “crying” and calling for the referee.

It was also revealed by Bayless that Cuban was trying to get the rapper tickets to another game as a “peace offering” before the Twitter drama started heating up, so reconciliation between the two may be delayed as of now. Bayless said what Wayne really took issue with from Cuban’s tweet was because the photo he used had Wayne’s son in the frame, and he was angered that Cuban “dragged his son into the crossfire.”

You can watch Bayless’ full recounting of the drama on the Undisputed YouTube channel below:

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