While on his worldwide Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, Elton John’s team made a harmless but embarrassing mistake when a tweet from the musician’s account thanked the wrong city after a show at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

The since-deleted tweet read “What a great night @tmobilecenter in Arkansas City!” and thanked the fans who attended, probably giving some Arkansas City fans a fright that they might have missed out on a great show.

Arkansas City, Kansas is hundreds of miles away from Kansas City, Missouri, but given the rush and pressure of a multiple-country tour, it’s not surprising to think that the pop star or a manager might have sent it out too quickly and got the name mixed up.

People online took the mistake in good fun, and the singer’s account issued a correction soon after.

John will be touring arenas throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe this whole year. Click here for more info on the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour.

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