Elon Musk declared Tuesday through a tweet that he will resign as CEO of Twitter once he finds a replacement.

The announcement comes after a poll Musk posted Sunday asking users if they thought he should leave his position. Of the more than 17 million people who voted in the poll, more than half opted for Musk to resign.

“I will resign as CEO as son as I find someone foolish enough to take the job!” he tweeted in response to the poll. “After that, I will just run the software and servers teams.”

The multibillionaire has made some unpopular decisions since buying the company for $44 billion and taking it private in October. He dissolved the company’s board, fired executives and shortly thereafter faced a huge wave of resignations reaching over 1,200 employees in early November.

He also instated an unsuccessful new verification policy that resulted in trolls creating accounts impersonating high-profile companies and celebrities, causing major financial repercussions for a few.

His disastrous tenure so far has prompted Twitter users and analysts to call for his resignation from the social media platform.

People responded to the poll with a mix of humor and disdain.

Many were skeptical that Musk would accept the results sincerely.

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