Marvel Studios has enjoyed a considerable level of success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Its latest installment, Doctor Strange, seems to be off to a promising start. DC and Warner Bros. have started their own universe, the DC Extended Universe, and today they released a trailer for Wonder Woman, the newest film in that lineage.

New Wonder Woman Trailer Raises The Stakes

The heroine of the movie is played by Gal Gadot, who has described herself as “the luckiest girl in the world” for getting to play the iconic comic book character. While Princess Diana partook in the maligned Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman will mark the first time she receives top billing in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Diana’s origin story will be explored in this movie, which involves her leaving the safety of her home island, Themyscira, to participate in the first World War. Steve Trevor (portrayed by Chris Pine), the film’s requisite love interest, will have a fated encounter with the Amazon after crash landing on her island.

San Diego Comic Con was where the previous Wonder Woman trailer was screened. Wonder Woman will explode into theaters on June 2, 2017.

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