Myla Sinanaj, who briefly dated Kris Humphries following his separation from Kim Kardashian, is releasing a sex tape in the near future. Sinanaj promises it’ll be better than Kim Kardashian's in an exclusive video interview with Uinterview.

In Sinanaj’s upcoming porn video, which will be put out by Vivid Entertainment (the same adult film company behind Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom), the former New York City hotel employee watches Kardashian and Ray J’s infamous sex tape. “I mean it’s all in good fun, I think it's hilarious,” Sinanaj laughed. “I personally think her tape is boring as hell, so I just kind of wanted to bring that into my own tape. 'Cause I know mine is a lot more exciting and fun than hers was.”

How will her tape be different from Kim Kardashian's? “Well, I didn’t lay there and pop bubblegum the whole time [laughs]," said Sinanaj. "I was a little more active in mine.”

Sinanaj adamantly refutes the rumors that she compares herself with the reality star and new mom to Kanye West’s baby North. But since, “everyone else in the media" does, according to Sinanaj, she plans to use it to her advantage. “All I’ve heard is, ‘You wanna be Kim, you wanna look like Kim, you wanna act like Kim,’ ” she told Uinterview exclusively. “So if somebody’s gonna pay me money to do it, I might as well do it if I’m going to get backlash for it anyways.”

Hear More Of What Myla Sinanaj Has To Say About Kim Kardashian At Uinterview's URant Section

So though Sinanaj is no fan of Kardashian's, she has no qualms about following the socialite's footsteps into adult video. “Kim did it and it worked for her,” she said. "Look where she is!”

– Chelsea Regan

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  • desireefromla
    desireefromla on

    who is this Myla person? Just a typical woman from NJ, typical Jersey shore looking, with the scraggly looking dyed-black hair and the light pinkfrosted lipstick. With the heavy-set build of most America, she is relatable though- most women look like her.
    Will she make it in the business? who knows? My opinion is no only bc to make it in theh business, you have to have that extra special "something". Something that makes you stand out and something that is original. Not to try to build your fame on someone else's already existing fame. But hey, you can try.
    Kim and the Kardashian's although, many may not like them, they are dominating in Hollywood and in all aspects with their business ventures. So many projects they are involved in. They are not going anywhere anytime soon. And as always, someone will try to make $ from their scandals etc. But the difference with this Myla from NJ, is that she is coming from what? What is her interesting story? that she was once a side piece of Kris HUmphries? who cares? no one cares about him so how does that make her captivating enough to make it?
    Kim and her family already had a show when her tape was released. Who cares if it was boring, it was.And it has made her so famous. But for some reason, it sold well, and why? people were really interested in her. She was know in Hollywood circles, leading up to it's release and her family had the show. Kim and family are not going anywhere anytime soon, they are dominating the industry.
    I really doubt that Mlya, an unknown from NJ can attain such fame and $, I really do.
    Myla, word of advice, be yourself, be original and maybe if you try to make it in the business on your own as yourself without somehow always attaching yourself to the Kim K name, then maybe you may have another 15minutes.

  • desireefromla
    desireefromla on

    one last comment, whne Kim K did the sex tape, her body was on point-nice shape and flat abs and I think that is what really sold people on the tape. All the hype was about her big a** and it still is and people wanted to watch. If there was another tape that Kim would release, I think that it would be another big seller. People are intrigued by her and her family.. It's a love -hate relationship. People claim to not like them, but why are they so famous? because people allow them to continue being famous

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