Mulder, a cat who has an exceptional high jump and can open doors, has become a viral sensation.

Mulder the Cat Opens Doors

Mulder has won hearts with his unnatural cleverness and ability to open doors and jump over tubs of water to get where he wants to go. The video showing off Mulder’s special set of skills was uploaded to YouTube in July, and continues to be as popular as ever, with over 14.3 million views on YouTube.

Mulder’s journey to Internet fame began in January of 2014, when his owner, under the name Kristian Svenson, shared his cat’s ability to open a door. According to Svenson, Mulder was 5 months old at the time.

Svenson has continued to test his cat’s abilities. In August, Svenson shared a video of Mulder balancing on the edge of a tub of water – or as Svenson calls it a “moat” – to open the door to Svenson’s bedroom.

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