This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia dropped and gave us nine with Ellen DeGeneres on his back during his interview segment on The Ellen Show.


The idea popped up when DeGeneres referred to a scene from the show in which Ventimiglia’s character did push ups with his on-screen son on his back to show him that he will always be there to help him. The host had also been gushing about her guest’s body. “When I’m hugging you, you’re like, solid,” she said.

Ventimiglia told a story about how backstage, the other actors on This Is Us decided to see who could do more pushups with each other on their backs. “Backstage we thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be funny if we put [co-star Sterling K. Brown] on my back and see how many push-ups I can do?’ Which turned into, ‘Hey, let’s put Sterling on Justin Hartley’s back,’ and, ‘Hey, let’s put Justin on Sterling’s back,’” he explained.

The next obvious course of action was to recreate the scene with DeGeneres on Ventimiglia’s back. “We could do some push-ups here if you want to,” he suggested. DeGeneres was all for it.

Haven’t done this in a while. (Thanks, @MiloAnthonyVentimiglia, for the ride.)

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The talk show host was clearly having a blast as Ventimiglia did nine quick push-ups. They then switched roles, and DeGeneres did two (with the help of Ventimiglia, of course).

See it below.

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